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    Tour Guides Positions: We are hiring English, Spanish & French

    Speaking Tour Guides in San Francisco, CA

    Please do not call as we can’t handle all incoming telephone calls from candidates!

    You must send your cover letter and resume via email to: tourguidespositions@gmail.com

    Requirements: We are a private tour company based in San Francisco, California, we offer daily private and VIP guided tours to Northern California top sights and attractions. We are looking for local, reliable, disciplined, available, knowledgeable and energetic local driver-tour guides in San Francisco.

    English, Spanish, French and Portuguese Speaking tour guides are our top priority, however, Japanese, Chinese and Italian speaking tour guides are welcome to apply as well. Only tour guides who live within San Francisco and the Bay Area can apply, all other irrelevant applications and inquiries from other locations will be disregarded. Many of our tours require walking and hiking as well.

    A clean driving record and good driving skills are required and must be knowledgeable (driving and guiding at once) leading guided tours to all Northern California state/national parks like Yosemite, Big Sur/ Monterey, Redwoods, Wine Country, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Marin County.

    Compensation and Benefits:

    -Up to $20+/Hour + generous gratuities + bonuses+ other benefits. This may increase with seniority and based on performance. The longer you stay with this the better.

    -Unlike other tour companies; we only deal with Private and VIP clients: One single pick-up/drop off and more generous tips. Most of our private tours are conducted by luxury SUVs but also by 15 passenger’s vans (a CDL is not required but a bonus). We are looking for tour guide with good driving skills and just drivers.

    -Wages are paid by the hour not by the trip unlike many other companies; we pay for overtime + double time, and even when you are free for hours waiting for customers during any of your private tours. We also pay wages even if the pickup location is far from our office location in San Francisco,

    -Job Type: Part-time, seasonal but excellent tour guides who are Reliable & Available for work when needed and meet our needs can get more work based and good performance.

    Required languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese Speaking Tour Guides are needed, however, Japanese, Chinese and Italian speaking tour guides are welcome to apply as well.

    Location: Only tour guided who live within San Francisco and the Bay Area can apply, all other irrelevant applications and inquiries from other locations will be disregarded.

    Common mistake to avoid: many apply out of curiosity, but they don’t out that they don’t have what it takes to be a professional tour guides and drivers, please save your time ad ours and don’t apply unless you are serious and committed tour guide.

    Important message:

    -Please do not call as we can’t handle all incoming telephone calls from candidates! You must send your cover letter and resume via email to:


    After we check your references and work history, we will contact you if you are a good fit for this particular job. All irrelevant profiles and emails will be deleted.

    - This job is ideal for energetic tour guides who love hiking in the mountains which require excellent physical conditions, 100% flexibility and availability as needed, driving, and traveling overnight far from the Bay Area. If you live outside of San Francisco, please take into considerations the rush hour and rethink this over before you apply as our office is close to Ocean Beach.

    Also, as a small business, we don’t have time to waste on training and investing in a new candidate who will not stay with us for at least 2 or 3 years.

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  • Authentic Alcatraz and San Francisco Tour Reviews

    • "Awesome bay cruise around Alcatraz Island"

      This is great alternative tour experience when Alcatraz tickets are sold out. We were happy with this trip, it combined our city private tour, and the ferry cruise around Alcatraz island, that was perfect as it was our last day in California.The cruise ship trip was over an hour, a ferry trip that took us around SF bay, around Alcatraz Island, and under the Golden Gate Bridge.

    • The Beautiful Island of Alcatraz and criminology

      From the city tour to Alcatraz Island, we and our kids had an amazing adventure, a bit cold in San Francisco Bay in summer ironically, but were very interested in the criminology and forensics stories of Alcatraz and San Quintin prison like Charles Manson, the Zodiac, Fong “Little Pete” Ching, Zebra killers, Felix Mitchell, the Unabomber, Scott Peterson, and Clarence and John Anglin and Frank Morris and their famous ‘Escape from Alcatraz’. Wow! the feeling visitors get when you are stepping onto Alcatraz island.

    • Muir Woods & Alcatraz combo tour

      Our Muir Woods & Alcatraz combo tour was exactly what we needed as we only had one day in SF. The tour is Well Worth the money that you spend. The big redwoods in muirwoods forest are impressive but the forest was crowded, and Alcatraz tour must be on everyone’s bucket-list, these sights and attractions in SF are amazing places to visit and see when you visit san fran.

    • "Why everybody is so crazy about Alcatraz?"

      Why everybody is so crazy about Alcatraz? Alcatraz Island is dim, cold, morbid, and crowded. We felt nothing, seen nothing, heard nothing that made it so appealing, a bit overrated in our opinion. Why criminals have become victims? They deserved to incarcerated in Alcatraz prison! Some visitors were even asking for autographs from a former inmate of Alcatraz, this makes no sense to me.

    • Alcatraz Island is Outstanding, book your tickets very early

      This is an incredible tourist attraction of San Francisco bay area, if you plan on visiting San Francisco you got to add Alcatraz to your bucket-list, more than Muir Woods or Napa. Alcatraz Island history itself is a very interesting story, before it even was used as a federal prison. How anyone could even escape from this remote Island? The audio headphone guided tour is informative and the stories and sounds of prison officers makes the guided tour so real. I am taking back amazing pictures to show my friends in Japan.

    • Alcatraz-SF: Worry-free vacation package

      Worry-free vacation package, we were lucky to find and book this all-inclusive SF Alcatraz tour package, it was a worry-free reservation all included, the perfect way to indulge in San Francisco if you have no time. It was convenient, affordable, and fulfilling combo trip of SF city attractions and Alcatraz tour, a must-do when visiting the city by the bay, and worth every penny you spent.

    • Fascinating combo tour of SF & Alcatraz

      Reserve Alcatraz tickets in advance, the tour was So much better than I was expecting. You get a ferry ride from San Francisco pier to the Alcatraz island. It was rainy, and foggy that day, but still well worth the trip. The trip was very well run, we were welcomed in the dock by a ranger who let us know some key information and rules before visiting the prison.

    • Alcatraz worth a visit & above expectation

      Alcatraz prison is just as portrayed as in the Hollywood films about Frank Morris (with Clint Eastwood) in this maximum-security prison Alcatraz, the cell still preserved as seen in the Clint Eastwood’s movie “Escape from Alcatraz”. No trip to San Francisco is complete without visiting Alcatraz Island. It took me 2 tours in Alcatraz before I felt the strong atmosphere and energy you get after stepping off Alcatraz cruises ferry and onto the dock. This city private tour and Alcatraz is an exceptional combo trip I recommend for all visitors (worry- free).

    • Alcatraz Island is Outstanding, book your tickets very early

      Alcatraz Island tour is outstanding and a stunning sight and my favorite attractions in California, but you got to book your Alcatraz tickets very early. We booked our Alcatraz tickets 2 months in advance as a tour combined with the city tour, but the next day, Alcatraz park service got sold out. The energy and the impression you get when vising Alcatraz is something you need to experience for yourself. We loved our city tour as well with Jonathan, the tour guide was amazing and fun.

    • San Francisco Alcatraz combo tour

      Book your Alcatraz tickets immediately when you plan your trip to san fran, we had initially planned to book Alcatraz Island night tour but it’s 100% impossible to get. The day tour was not bad at all apart from the fascinating story of Alcatraz, the trip to the island is phenomenal, and the city tour completed the package trip and appeal to all ages. That’s was a good company to work with.

    • Reserve Alcatraz tickets in advance when visiting SF

      Book your Alcatraz tickets months in advance before you travel to San Francisco, this is a must-see attraction when visiting San Francisco and Northern part of California. A police officer from South Africa who traveled with us on the ferry had a stop over in SFO, just to visit Alcatraz. Dress in layers, ironically summer is not warm, weather is cool and gets foggy in the SF Bay. The views of Alcatraz from San Francisco are better than the views of SF from the island, but this combo tour is a must do and saved us time and money.

    • Alcatraz & SF-Best part of our trip to California

      This is an incredible tourist attraction. We did the tour with our kids, and they loved it too. The audio tour was well done, we took tons of pictures, hanged out and enjoyed the views of the city from Alcatraz Island. The views are spectacular from Alcatraz, go to the officers’ gardens’ side that overlooks the golden gate bridge, but watch out for the steps, they are very steep. Army officers and their wives who stationed on the Island in the early 1900s, planted all kind of vegetables there (The beauty on the beast).