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  • Alcatraz and San Francisco Custom Tours Specialist
    A whole world on single island
  • Alcatraz and Napa Wine Country Day Tour



    Alcatraz Island and Napa Valley Wine Country day combo custom tour is now available. Combine your Alcatraz adventure with a private and personalized trip to Napa Valley; the land of grand, elegant estates, acclaimed wines, spectacular scenery and breathtaking vistas. The is the perfect Wine Country getaway for visitors who only have one day to spare. Enjoy a private and personalized tour itinerary, and go where you want to go. Visit caves and hidden wineries and dine in one of Napa Valley’s top dining establishments. Taste elegant red and white cultivars, including California fine champagne, or savor local olive oil and chocolate, topped off by a cheese tasting experience.



    Visiting Napa Valley is inspiring and touring Alcatraz Island is one of the most rewarding experiences when visiting California.

    Enjoy a private and personalized tour itinerary, and go where you want to go. Visit caves and hidden wineries and dine in one of Napa Valley’s top dining establishments. Taste elegant red and white cultivars, including California fine champagne, or savor local olive oil and chocolate, topped off by a cheese tasting experience.

    This new tour is not only reserved for wine lovers. California Wine Country is one of the world’s great tour and vacation destinations, not only for wine lovers but also for families with kids and for those who do not like wine. There’s plenty to do in the Napa Valley besides wine tasting. There are family-friendly wineries, fantastic food, and beautiful views, amazing attractions and sights, farmer’s markets, historic sites and cave tours are available for families with kids. You can also visit Sonoma Historic downtown, the Franciscan mission and Sonoma plaza —the birthplace of the California State Bear Flag. Take a complimentary tour of olive tasting at an elegant Tuscan olive oil press with delicious olive oils, or you can visit a local chocolate factory.

    You may as well travel father north if you are not interested in wine tasting, and visit Napa Valley Old Faithful Geyser and goat farm, where you can learn about Californian geology while watching spectacular natural eruptions of this hidden geyser in Calistoga.

    Tips and recommendations: We recommend limiting yourself to two wineries of your choice or let your tour guide help you choose the wineries in Sonoma Valley or southern Napa Valley, so that you don’t spend your valuable time in the vehicle driving to wineries. The distance between the south and north of Napa can take an hour or more, so why not rather spend quality time in the winery of your choice, such as in the Corners wine region (the closest to San Francisco to save you time), the only wine region that extends into both Napa and Sonoma Valleys. It is influenced by the cooling effect of the Pacific Ocean and a combination of summer fog, warm days, and a long growing season with unique characteristics based on climate and on its geographic features – the Pacific Ocean, the Coast Mountain Ranges and the San Francisco Bay – that affects the region’s terroir and put a distinctive stamp on its grapes.

    You will find top country wineries and grape varieties in this wine region, including their signature wines like Chardonnays, Pino Noir, but also Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Champagne and many more.

    Wine tasting and meals are not included in this tour price. We recommend going to wineries of your choice and cover the required wine tasting fees. However, if you are on a budget, and want to go to a regular versus an elegant or trending winery, our tour guides know some great wineries where your wine tasting fees may be waived, and you can also enjoy a complimentary cheese and olive oil tasting.



    08:00 – complimentary private meet-and-greet at your and pick-up

    Drive to across the Golden Gate Bridge or the Bay Bridge to California Wine Country

    Visit small hidden and charming wineries in historic Sonoma Valley

    Taste Napa Valley premium wines at charming wineries or Castle Wineries

    Sight see Napa Valley Wine Regions and enjoy stunning photo stops

    Dine in style in Napa or Sonoma Valley at your selected restaurant

    Head back to San Francisco before the rush hour to visit Alcatraz Island.

    2:30 pm – Drop-off at Alcatraz cruise ferry terminal where you take the ferry to Alcatraz. Times and itinerary may vary based on many factors including, but not limited to, Alcatraz tickets availability (often sold out, the sooner you book the better), road and weather conditions, vehicles and tour guides’ availability.

    Our Napa and Alcatraz combo tour ends here as tour guides are not allowed to guide or escort customers to Alcatraz Island. The drop-off back to your hotel is not included after your self-guided tour of Alcatraz. We recommend staying at one of the hotels located in the nearby area called San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf, as it is a walking distance from Alcatraz pier 33.
    Important note: Alcatraz hours of operation are seasonal. This Napa Alcatraz tour is not available in winter because the last departure for Alcatraz is at 12:30 pm in winter, which leaves no time to visit Napa or Sonoma Wine Country. Please contact us before you book this Napa Alcatraz combo tour in Winter (December 1, through end of March). If we receive your transaction or reservation during the period of December 1, through end of March, we will either void your reservation, which takes 7 business days before you get your funds back into your account, or offer you an alternative tour option.

    Alcatraz Closures: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day and for special events.


    Tour Prices

    1 person $638 2 persons $339 3 persons $269 4 persons $238 5 persons $199 6 persons $189 7 persons $179
    1 – 5 Persons $1,499 6 – 7 Persons $1,649 8 – 10 Persons $1,969 11 – 12 Persons $2,149 13 – 14 Persons $2,319

    Included: Included in this tour: All taxes, visit Napa or Sonoma Valley, complimentary hotel pick-up Four-hour private guided tour by SUV, or luxury van based on your choice of vehicle and group size. Alcatraz ferry tickets and entrance fees and Alcatraz cell house self-guided audio tour.

    Not included: Meals, wine tasting fees, gratuity an drop-off at your hotel after the Alcatraz trip. Our guided tours are conducted in English, however, please ask us about tours in other languages for an additional fee and based on availability.


    Term & Policy

    Alcatraz Tours terms and conditions including cancellation and refund policy

    • Terms, Refund and Cancellation Policy
    • General terms
    • Other terms and information
    • Reservation and Cancellation Policy

    Our Terms, Refund and Cancellation Policy are as follows:
    1. 50% of the total amount will be refunded if the tour is canceled at least 7 business days prior to the scheduled tour or service.
    2. 91% of the total amount will be refunded if the tour is canceled at least 15 days prior to the scheduled tour (or the date of the tour or service) 9% covers the required transaction fees; that’s 4.5 % per transaction (booking is one transaction and refunding is a second transaction)
    3. 15% of the total amount will be refunded if the tour is canceled at least 6 business days prior to the scheduled tour (week-ends and holidays don’t count).
    4. 0% of the total amount will be refunded if the tour is canceled 4 business days or less prior to the day of the scheduled tour or service. This includes no-shows. (Week-ends and holidays don’t count).

    Cancellation & Refund Fees
    There is a charge for each transaction when wanting a refund. This charge will vary from 4.5% to 7.9% per transaction depending on the type of credit card you used to make the transaction and the country where the credit card was issued. This charge covers the credit card transaction fees that your credit card company charged us when you made the reservation on our website and includes the required merchant processing fees associated with your credit card company. This policy applies on all refunds as well, regardless of the amount or the date of the refund.
    Methods of Payment and Accepted Credit Cards: We accept all major credit cards including Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, wire transfers, Debit Cards, Euro Cards, “Cartes Bleues.” and PayPal. We may in exceptional circumstances accept payments in cash from clients who have no credit cards.

    General Terms
    Please note that tour guides are not allowed to guide inside Muir Woods National Monument and Alcatraz Island and Prison.
    The pick-up at your hotel in San Francisco is included. However, to keep the cost down, the drop-off after your Alcatraz tour is not included.
    Alcatraz tickets are extremely hard to get because they are often sold out weeks and months in advance. The sooner you book the better.
    Approved online transactions do not guarantee your Alcatraz tour or tickets, as we should go through a process in order to book these tickets. After we receive your transaction, the tour can be approved or declined based on availability of Alcatraz tickets issued by Alcatraz. This is due to the increasing popularity of Alcatraz and number of visitors.

    Other terms and information
    Online Reservation and Transactions
    What happens after we void or refund a transaction? Approved transactions: When transactions are processed on our website, and approved by your bank, it still takes about 7 to 10 business days before we even get the required funds transferred to our business merchant bank account. However, we still honor your tour(s) as scheduled if your transaction is approved, even if the tour is scheduled for the next day, as long as the tour is available. We are committed to provide high quality services and tours to our customers.

    Voided and refunded transactions: When a transaction is voided, or refunded, the charge is removed from the authorized transaction inquiry and never batched or settled because the funds never leaves customers’ bank account. However, all such transactions will still show on customers’ bank statement as “pending” for up to 7 to 10 business days because the funds are temporarily frozen by your own bank without leaving your account. Please take this aspect into consideration before you follow up with us.
    To release the funds, you will need to contact your bank and handle this directly with them as this has nothing do with us.

    Common mistakes and misconception about voided transactions: Most customers do not realize or understand their own bank’s policy and guidelines regarding online purchases. The main issue is that the funds from the voided charge will be inaccessible to the client for a full 10 business days. For that reason, clients often think that the charge was still placed on their credit card, but in reality, it has never left their bank account and will be available only after 10 business days. In other words, voiding a credit card transaction will not remove the charge from customer’s bank account immediately, please be patient before you follow up with us or your bank in this regard. Banks usually take 7 to 10 business days to release these funds back to your account, and this is totally beyond our control and has nothing to do with us.

    Declined transactions. Why your reservation was declined? When a reservation is declined by client’s own bank, this is often due to a mismatch between customer’s bank information (such as the name on the credit card, card number, expiration date, CVV, zip/postal code or billing address). If any one of these verification factors don’t match the information you provided on our website, comparing to the bank information when placed your order, your transaction is automatically declined by your own bank to protect your bank information from fraud. Sometimes, transactions are also declined due to insufficient funds as well. Your tour(s) will not be confirmed until your new transaction is approved by your own bank. We apologize for the inconvenience but your own bank did so to prevent fraud and protect your credit card information.

    Tip: Most credit card companies including Amex now require from their clients to inform them in advance when making purchase online or out of town / state, otherwise they decline the transaction to prevent fraud. You may also get an email or text message alert asking you to approve or decline the transaction that has been declined before you resubmit it online, this is out of our hands and it’s indeed required by many credit cards companies for customers’ own good.
    -All our tours including Alcatraz are subject to availability even if the online transaction is approved. We do reserve the right to void or refund your transaction when Alcatraz tickets are sold out. This is totally out of our hands as the only provider of Alcatraz tickets and tours are governed by the U.S. National Park Service.

    -We do require at least 2 months in advance when booking our Alcatraz tour during the peaks season, holidays and week-ends, sometimes even more, specially from May to October. The peak season refers to the period of April to the end of October.

    -We reserve the right to offer you alternative tours when Alcatraz tickets are sold out. If you decline our offer, we will fully refund your transaction – a process which takes about 10 business days before your funds are available to you. This is stated on our terms and conditions page, available in all languages, or you may use google translator.
    By signing or checking this box “terms & conditions” on our website, you do hereby agree with all the above terms and policies and the tour voucher terms, which we will send to you via email after your tour confirmation.

    Read more about our complete terms and policy by click here


    Trip Reviews

    Great combo tour opportunity of SF-Alcatraz

    This was our first visit to California, we did a city tour and didn’t know hard was to get Alcatraz tickets, luckily, our tour guide Patricia who was so professional and friendly, called the company, and arranged last-minute tickets for us to Alcatraz . Alcatraz tour. The experience lived up to our expectations and the reviews we had read about Alcatraz. We recommend this combo tour to all families with kids like us who have no time to scan through all these websites out there. This is a very serious and professional tour company, they exceeded our expectations

    Alcatraz worth a visit & above expectation

    Alcatraz prison is just as portrayed as in the Hollywood films with about Frank Morris (Clint Eastwood) in this maximum-security prison Alcatraz, the cell still preserved as seen in the Clint Eastwood movie “Escape from Alcatraz”.
    No trip to San Francisco is complete without visiting Alcatraz Island. It took me 2 tours to Alcatraz before I felt the strong atmosphere and energy you get after stepping off Alcatraz cruises ferry and onto the dock. this city private tour and Alcatraz is an exceptional combo trip I recommend for all visitors (worry- free).


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